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About Me (Tobious photography)

Hello, names Dayne! I have been cosplaying since Tokyo in Tulsa 2012 but going to cons since 2008, and have never looked back, I really enjoy cosplaying its so fun! I've meet so many new friends that change my life a lot, and I love them for that, my life is no longer dull :).

I just recently became a Cosplay Photographer, started at Animefest 2013, and its really fun! I look up to Mechaboy07 (he's on here) and Hell or Highwater Photography I hope to one day be as awesome as they are :). but I'm always up for private shoots I'm free for the moment I'm just learning. I am based in Oklahoma City though. Anyways, nice to meet you guys hope you enjoy my stuffs on here!

Things I Do


  • Male Characters


  • Event Coverage
  • Photo Shoots


  • Event Coverage


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