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Cosplay in America Next Con : "Believe the Hype!"
Dadderface Whadd'ya mean "booze ain't food"?
Dancing Squirrel Photography Life is squirrelly. I take photos of it.
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Derka "To die would be an awfully great adventure." --Peter Pan
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Food And Cosplay Aspiring Super photographer, showcasing cosplay at Comic Con events. One day I'll change my name to AitchKayCee Togs
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SF Design Watashi wa Mada Mada Dane (まだまだだね) (I still have a ways to go)
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Some Kid Pretty nerds in costumes let me take pics of their butts, so there's that...
Sparkle Pipsi I love idols and magical girls ♥
TifaIA Cosplay Pimp Hat +1