Palais des congrès de Montréal, Montréal, QC, Canada


Amethyst King Cosplay is for fun~
Anaira bunnies can fly okay
AnnieChie Meep :3
Audrey Cosplay Hi! :) Cosplayer/commissionner from Quebec city
Bahamut Night Photography Will work for ice cream!
Bandit Spurs Running with scissors; it's all fun and games until someone looses an eye ;)
Buddy Cosplay Cosplay, photography and cosplay music videos.
Calamity Misadventures in costuming
Callisphyros Cosplay Cosplayer
CelticSakura Mother of wigs
Cherry Blossom Bliss
Chibi-Anne Canadian cosplayer, fashion designer, seamstress, pattern maker
Daniel Watts Photography I eat pickles and rice
DiGi Rin
Don Dolce Photography What the hell am I doing on here...
Elandhyr Derp!
Emy Canadian cosplayer
Fil de Cristal Crochet Cosplayer
Flanna Cosplayer and sleep lover
Gen-chu Princess Pretzel
Gwenyver the Costumeholic Life is full of pretty dresses.
Helia Santo You know, just a girl with a lot of wigs
Hikari Moro hikarimoro
Jodeci FM The Cosplay Channel
Katya Perin Photographer and Occasional Cosplayer
Kimmy Canadian cosplayer
Kirliara Cosplay 20 years old cosplayer from Montreal, Canada
Liquid Cocaine Photography thrift store clerk by day, cosplay photographer by night
Mademoiselle Fé Fashion History Nerd & JRPG Fan.
Mae-Gwyn Not all those who wander are lost
Mao-chan Im a Hobbit from Ravenclaw
Mari Chinatsu Cosplayer.
Martie B. Photographie Photographer (sometimes cosplayer)
Marye Roy
Mathi Cosplayer/ Sugar and anime addicted
Maylune★月瑤 Do you want to build a ☃?
Mei Li Cosplay Newbie canadian cosplayer who loves making cosplays~ I fangirl too much and don't sew enough!
MeltingMirror Canadian cosplayer. Making stuff since 2004
Miss Messy Mia
Mytis It's gonna be fuunnnnn!
Orobas Cosplay Sofia Ajram /
Ridi Kitty Cosplayer and professional costumer
Rock_n_roler "Well-behaved women rarely make history."
Salvi Ain't Red, Ain't Me.
Scarlet cosplay 2015 CONVENTIONS: Quebec comiccon 2016 CONVENTIONS: G-anime Winter, Ottawa comiccon, Colossalcon, Montreal comiccon, Otakuthon, Animara con.
Smikimimi SUP SUCKAZ'
Sperren im just a giant meme stop
The Howling Shoopuf
Tommeh Chu I have a Shiba Inu
Valannaria ヴァラナエイア
Vamp-Elanor Coffee addict, cat lover, and all-around geek! Purple member of EDGE Cosplay group! ♥
Vyvyen Cosplayer/Artist/Gamer