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Hello. I am Eurobeat Kasumi and have been attending anime and comic-book conventions for many years now. While I used to do Hall-Cosplay and Convention Coverage these days I mainly do photo-shoots. (Note that certain conventions who invite me as a Guest Photographer I do both hall-cosplay and photo-shoots.)

More pictures can be found on my Facebook page "Eurobeat Kasumi Photography"
Please like that page and follow me here on CosPix if you like. I shall follow your profile in-return.

Photo-shoot pictures will be posted here on CosPix by convention, while Hall-Cosplay pictures will be posted on my Facebook photography page.

I use little or no photo-shop on my pictures. I feel that cosplayers look good enough w/o the addition of photo-shop. But cosplayers are free to photo-shop my pictures if they wish to do so and submit them to me to post. You will find one gallery here on CosPix that showcases those photo-shopped pictures.

My choice(s) of camera are Sony models, which include: A500, RX-10, RX-10II, A6000, A7, A7II, A7R, and the A7RII.

I am not a professional photographer and work with just the camera that I use at conventions. My motto is similar to Takumi Fujiwara from "Initial D" where it is not the car but it is the driver. For me it is not the camera but the photographer.

I look forward to sharing my pictures with everyone here. -EBK

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