About Me

I started cosplaying at a very young age in 2003. It’s a hobby I had always enjoyed, and it grew with me over the years. I have also had a strong passion for illustration and was always very artistic. When I first started out, I was getting artist alley tables selling my work. Over time, I pursued a career in animation and gradated with a BFA. I really wanted to create my artist visual stories. At the time, I was still cosplaying and my passion for it only grew! After graduating and looking for work, I was still active in the cosplay community getting booths and competing. I started to sell cosplay accessories and props, and as my products took up more time I found less and less time for animating. Before I knew it, cosplay and my small business took over most my time and brought me many wonderful opportunities. I hope to continue to grow and learn new skills! I never imagined my life would end up this way but I am glad it did!

Things I Do


  • Accessories
  • Castings
  • General
  • Props


  • Female Characters
  • Other


  • Photo Shoots


  • Panelist
  • Vendor


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