Seamstress by Day. Superhero by Night!

About Me

When I was a child, I tied a blanket around my neck and pretended it was a cape. I've never grown out of that phase.

I'm a cosplayer from Upstate, SC that has been cosplaying for a few years now. I enjoy Vincent Price movies, cartoons, Houdini, superheroes, post-apocalyptic settings, black and white horror films, Elvira, and gourmet jelly beans. They call me Batmanda -- Not because of Batman, but because I have a love of all things Batty. There are bat tattoos on my right foot.

I have a cat named Zatanna and a wig head named Carrie.

If you see me at a con, feel free to come up and chat! I love making con friends. ^_^

Things I Do


  • Female Characters
  • Male Characters


  • Makeup Artist


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