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Co-founder / Director of Information Technology

* Founder of Cospix and Darkain Multimedia
* 10+ year veteran in the Cosplay and Convention scene
* 20+ year veteran Software Engineer

Vince here! Welcome to my awesome profile of magictacularly sweetness.

I'm here to build tools to help promote, strengthen, and grow the global cosplay community as a whole, regardless if you're a Cosplayer, Photographer, Videographer, Seamstress, Commissioner, Makeup Artist, Prop Maker, Content Publisher, Vendor, Convention, or some other type of awesome nerd.

Cospix is a web site with a simplistic goal: to bring all aspects of Cosplay together in one single place. Everyone working on this project believes in being a strong positive force within the greater Cosplay Community to try to make this happen!

Being a photographer myself, this site is being built to service the needs of the content that I produce. Tools are being put into place on this site to my 10+ years of convention photos, and by extension, everyone else in the community gains these same great features!

Koneko YourAverageNerd

Cosplaying & Cosfauxtoging

I'm terrible at introduction summary things. The short version of me is that I am a cosplayer who also likes to take photos of people in their cosplays. It's all the things I like rolled into one! Let's be friends.

I started cosplaying in 2009-2010 and quickly fell in love with it. It was a great way to be social with my friends, participate in the fandoms that I love, and meet new people.

To me costuming is all the things I love rolled up into one thing. Crafting, sewing, learning new things, problem solving - really the list goes on and on! Most of all I enjoy sharing the things that I like with other people at conventions or even through simple interactions on my social media networks.

Check out my website to see more of the things I do:

If you would like to see me create costumes and art LIVE you can follow me on Twitch.

You can also support me via Ko-Fi for specific projects or to get access to WIP and tutorials before I post them on my site.

Peter Cho (PCho)

I am the magnet to your compass.

I occasionally show up and do things at conventions.

Tushy Face

I am here because Senpai #noticedme ;)

Hi there! My name is Tushy Face and I add the conventions here onto Cospix, as well as push your awesome content to our wonderful Facebook page!