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Ottawa based Photographer

I am an avid gamer, anime nerd, Dungeon master, Writer, computer enthusiast, occasional cosplayer and Canadian.

I got into photography because my ex girlfriend and her best friend were two amazing cosplayers who didn't have any real pictures of their costumes so I decided to take up that responsibility. I've been self teaching and learning through how-to's, videos, and blogs for just over 2 years now and have been working hard to increase my talents so I can show off my friends costumes in the light that they should be seen.

I am quite lucky to be friends with two outstanding cosplayers and just wonderful people, Cosplay Butterfly and Malinka Cosplay are two of the greatest, sweetest people in the world.

People I wish to one day have the pleasure to work with: Jessica Nigri, Wind of the Stars, Brit the Badger, Leeleethebunny, Jessie Pridemoore, Junkers Cosplay, Henchman props and cosplay, Monika Lee.

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