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I am Jacey Julep! Cosplayer, youtuber, nerdgirl, belly dancer, gamer, tattooed. Random knowledge encyclopedia. Costume progress, life rants and nerdy humor are my forte.
I am a 22 year old Nerd child based on the east coast. North Carolina has recently become my new home base. I have been cosplaying since 2009 and it is something i have quickly become very passionate about. I started costuming when i worked at the Carolina Renaissance fair in 2008, Pirate were my first love when it comes to putting costumes together. From there is progressed to Catwoman at heroes con (charlotte, nc) in 2011. It was totally a bag costume, but being in it and being able to bring one of my favorite characters to life was the push i needed to get serious about my cosplay journey. Since then i have progressed and done costumes from almost every genre. I am really into goth fashion and love to experiment and play with different looks! I have met someone of the most amazing and talent people and hope to continue on my path and meet many more! I love going to cons and I would love to someday turn my favorite hobby into my life. If you ever have a character you would like to see me attempt please suggest it. If you have style you would like to see done, or a make how to, or a life topic you would like discussed please let me know! i enjoy requests! thank you so much for following

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