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About Me

I'm Alissa and you may know me as the A from A&J Cosplay.
We split pages to make it easier on both of us. We still cosplay together and she's still my bestfriend. We're stuck with each other for life.

Now a little about me if you don't already know me;
Started cosplaying at NYCC of 2012 basically out of nowhere. Jess told me JNigs would be there and I was obsessed with her so I of course had to go. She shoved money down my shirt when I met her. I love her. Cosplaying just kind of snowballed into this huge thing that I cannot stop even if I wanted to.

I've come a long way in such a short time. I'm constantly trying to better myself and my work so hopefully it will show with what I produce. I like to crossplay as well as cosplay sexy women. I hope you enjoy seeing me as a man as much as I enjoy cosplaying one♥ I love that you can literally be whoever you want through cosplay. It's amazing. I put my all into my work and I will not tolerate negativity on my page.

I'm here to help. Although I don't have as much experience as people doing this for years I will try my best to help you with your cosplay questions! Don't hesitate to ask ♥

I have a store where I sell prints of myself and some products that I make. Every purchase goes directly to my cosplays. This is an expensive hobby. I appreciate each and every purchase.

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