About Me

Hello everyone~ My name is Stephanie, I'm also known as Chromo as my cosplay name (my cosplay pages are known as Chromophobic Cosplay).

-I have been cosplaying for 5 years. My first costume was a lame-as-hell cosplay of Sasori from Naruto.

-I go to Kumoricon every year since 2009, and have gone to Sakuracon once. Hoping to go to Sakuracon more, just depends on money and time.

-I am also a photographer. I have strong ambitions with making costumes, as well photographing costumes.

-I am interested in many fandoms of the nerd community. Rather its anime, manga, video games, shows, movies, etc, I fall in all those categories.

-Cons I'm attending for 2014-

..::Cosplay Plans/Ideas for 2014::..
-Fionna- Adventure Time
-Princess Leia [A New Hope dress]
-Yuno Gasai - Mirai Nikki/Future Diary

Things I Do


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