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Greetings!~ Welcome to my profile!

I have been cosplaying since 2005 and loving it ever since. I have made so many costumes, I cannot remember all of them, nor do I have pictures of all of them! So, I apologize in advanced if there are some I did you wish to see.

Why do I cosplay? - At my first con (Anime Expo 2004) a few people were cosplaying and I had no clue what it was, but I liked it. It reminded me of Disneyland. One of my favorite things about going to Disneyland is seeing all the characters in person. Of course I wanted to be a part of the con magic as well! Plus, I LOVE TO DRESS UP. Halloween is my favorite time of the year! I was also a HUGE role player back in the day. It's fun to be someone you're not at least for one day.

Why "Vash Fanatic"? - WELL, I'll let you guess the anime I love.....Trigun! Yes, Trigun. Watched an episode in the middle of the series and fell in love with it. The Humanoid Typhoon is by far my all time favorite character ever. I used to be an active member of a Trigun community forum, which I miss ever so much! And then when I started an account on all those years ago, I couldn't decide on a name, so I went with the one I used on the Trigun site!

Who do I cosplay? - ALL MY FAVORITES.

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